Finance Lender:

Responsible Lending- Our Commitment to our customers Being a responsible lender – our commitment We have a responsibility to you, our customers, to be open and honest, to treat you fairly, and to be safe and secure. These principles affect everything we do. The way we lend money is no exception. That’s why we are committed to being a responsible lender. This page tells you about our approach. It also outlines what we ask of you in return. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ask. This is what you can expect from us.

•Products and lending criteria designed to meet your needs

•Competitively priced products which we promote in a balanced way showing the risks as well as the benefits

•Clear information on the cost of your borrowing, any fees and charges and our terms and conditions

•An assessment of your ability to make regular payments and repay the loan, using appropriate credit assessment techniques, before providing credit •Where the loan limit is solely at our discretion, we will take into account your current and previous financial activity.

•A limit on your borrowing that we believe will ensure you don’t overstretch your finances

•Your personal information treated confidentially and in accordance with applicable legislation •Prompt and professional handling of any queries or complaints you may have

•Considerate treatment of payment issues and arrears We ask that you

•Provide accurate and complete information on your application

•Regularly assess your borrowing and other financial commitments and, if you expect to face payment difficulty in the future, or if you are having difficulties in managing your monthly payments, contact us so we can discuss any help/assistance available •Understand the terms and conditions on which the money is borrowed, seeking further information and help if needed

•Ensure you have the means to repay the loan Cash Advance Advance Short Term Repayment Option Lender is a responsible lender and provides no cost financial management planning for every client in order to determine every client ability to repay a covered loan and manage your finances

. It is our company fiduciary duty to require every client to complete a family monthly budget before applying for a loan product, information obtained will be used to determine your loan amount and ability to repay without defaulting on loan terms. click budget worksheet link below and print out and bring with you to the office.

Financial Needs Analysis